Does the idea of talking to strangers scare you? Don’t “knock” canvassing until you’ve tried it!

Unchurched neighbors need to hear about worship times and events at their local church, and ultimately, about their Savior, Jesus! Canvassing can be an effective way to get the Word out.

Canvassing opportunities often:

• Use volunteers to tell community members about a mission church or a specific event happening at a church
• Send Kingdom Worker volunteers in pairs or small groups
• Include miles of walking (unless you have a golf cart, or are doing “phone canvassing”)

 There are different types of canvassing. A team may…

          • • Use questionnaires to start conversations
          • • Distribute door hangers, bags, or brochures (no planned attempt to speak with residents)
          • • Conduct surveys which assist the mission in understanding an area’s makeup, diversity, and spiritual needs
          • • Invite community member to an event at church
          • • Telephone canvass
          • • Follow up – do personal outreach calls made to households and families already a part of the congregation’s prospect list

Simply walking around in a community with church fliers will encourage conversation – you never know who you might share your faith with during a day of canvassing.

Before you arrive at a mission congregation, ask the pastor or ministry leader to tell you about the full vision for sharing the gospel through this canvasing opportunity! Understanding more about the goals of your specific volunteer opportunity will help you prepare fully, execute faithfully, and encourage others to engage in mission work too!

You never know who you’ll meet when canvassing, but you know that God goes before you loving people you haven’t met, yet. Apply today!

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