Are you passionate about spending your life in ministry to others? Do you want to spend your summer serving a congregation? Summer Ministry Assistantships (SMAs) are a chance for college students to have a 10-week internship-like experience assisting a congregation (or multiple congregations in a region) with various aspects of outreach. They learn about ministry by doing ministry.

Summer Ministry Assistants are usually:

  • • Recommended/Vetted by a campus pastor or campus ministry leader.
  • • Assigned to congregations in pairs (They can also be assigned solo or in a group of three or four.)
  • • Assigned a full summer of various ministry opportunities, from VBS and canvassing to location specific ministries.

 Summer Ministry Assistants should:

  • • Come with a willing attitude; a servant heart ready to work alongside a congregation.
  • • Speak with their campus pastor, another ministry leader, or the KW volunteer management team to determine if they are the right fit for a SMA opportunity
  • •Have access to a vehicle during their time of service

Before you arrive at a mission congregation, ask the pastor or ministry leader to tell you about the full vision for sharing the gospel through the SMA opportunity! Help the congregation understand what unique gifts you bring.  SMA volunteers will receive a stipend as well as fundraising coaching, tools and guidelines through KW. Talk to the Kingdom Worker volunteer management team about the unique funding structure for SMA participants.

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