Through a partnership with Wisconsin Lutheran College (WLC) and Kingdom Workers, Grace Lutheran Church in Grenada was able to implement an agricultural community outreach program that has never been done on the island.  It is called Aquaponics. That is the practice of raising fish and growing vegetables in a self-contained system at the home level.  While that sounds simple enough, the amazing part is that this can change Grenada and grow the ministry of Grace in amazing ways at the same time!

“Aquaponics is a way to get your foot in the door. [You] really get to meet a lot of people.  From the training, we had a number of people who were in church who never would have come to Grace otherwise.  They got to hear the message from Pastor Dan Rautenberg for maybe the first time.” volunteer Zachery Pappenfuss.  In the end, 15 of the 54 folks from the workshop attended church the first week after the training, with six becoming members of Grace in the following weeks!


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