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"Kingdom Workers does whatever it takes to connect people to the healing power of Jesus."
– Thomas, Volunteer

On the refugee settlements in Ethiopia, finding clean water is an ongoing challenge. Out of necessity, many of the 330,000 refugees get their water from shallow wells, swamps, and rivers. This makes waterborne illnesses a serious threat to the physical health of many individuals and families.

With the help of Kingdom Workers, South Sudanese volunteers who now live in the United States and Canada traveled to Ethiopia to connect with the Lutheran churches on the settlements. These traveling volunteers provided WASH training (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) and Christian encouragement to 26 local volunteers and 10 pastors, who in turn serve their communities by sharing what they learned in training. 

These volunteers boldly do whatever it takes to bring their knowledge of clean water and the living water of Jesus to their fellow refugees in need. 

Thomas, KW Volunteer

Meet Thomas

Thomas is passionate about sharing Jesus and caring for people's physical needs. He traveled alongside other volunteers to Ethiopia in 2017, and again in 2018 to train and support the local volunteers who are providing care and forging relationships with their fellow refugees.

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