Help launch a new program in Grenada!

 Grace Lutheran Church and School
Woodlands, St. Georges, Grenada
Start Date: Summer 2018
Length of Service: Flexible, up to 3 months
Application deadline: May 15, 2018


The lack of services in Grenada for children with disabilities is recognized as a significant gap. To address this need, Grace Lutheran Church in Grenada is partnering with Kingdom Workers to launch a new community program that will serve children with disabilities and their families throughout the island. This program aims to deliver a variety of services such as one-on-one interventions with children, parental coaching, and counselingAlso, as the only wheelchair accessible school in Grenada, Grace is an ideal location for parents to bring their children with disabilities.

Kingdom Workers  is seeking someone who can serve as an advisor to guide a local Program Director in planning, developing and launching this new outreach program. Using their academic and professional experiences, the advisor is asked to build an environment where Grenadian program leaders are empowered to develop locally appropriate solutions.

Description of Advisor Activities
Through observation, consultation, relationship building, mentoring and other appropriate interaction, guide and support the Program Director to:
· Facilitate the creation of child therapy play group
· Form family counselling and coaching practices 
· Develop a worship participation programs for children and adults with disabilities and their families
· Establish a community focused disability assessment process
· Begin a child disability and assessment awareness campaign
· Encourage congregation members to support the work of the program

· Degree in early childhood development, child psychology, special education, physiotherapy, pediatrics or pediatric nursing, child counseling or related educational concentration
· Professional experience specializing in early childhood education, child welfare, child development, child social work, special education, physiotherapy, pediatrics or pediatric nursing, child counseling or relevant occupation toward child development or counseling
· Preferred experience developing programs in collaboration with others
· Effective organization skills and a high level of detail orientation
· Comfortable working with people from cultures different from one’s own

Cultural Considerations:

The national language is English.  Grenada is a tourist destination with many cultural undertones.  The population is very welcoming of visitors. However, it may take a longer time to establish meaningful relationships with residents. That time frame results from the fact that people value community in all aspects of life.  Generally, interactions are not direct between two people, so establishing one’s self as a part of the accepted community takes many interactions with many different people.

There are very few general health and safety concerns.  Of those, the concerns of note are heat exhaustion, physical adjustment to a new diet and typical tourism crimes (such as petty theft)  There are a few specific concerns regarding infectious diseases. The three major diseases in the region are Zika, Dengue Fever and Chikungunya. Read more about safety and culture in Grenada [HERE] 

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