Teach in Grenada

Educate children and teachers in Bible-based knowledge


The local teachers of Grace Lutheran School in Grenada need to be equipped with the skills to manage a classroom and educate children from a Biblical perspective. Kingdom Workers is partnering with Grace to provide an experienced teachers who will mentor the local teachers by teaching side by side with them every day in the classroom.

GOALS & ACTIVITIES: This is your chance to not only change the life of kids as you have done throughout your career, you can help set the course for a peer educator in Grenada! The goal of your work as a Kingdom Workers teaching partner would be to serve Grace Lutheran School by mentoring a local teacher counterpart how to teach from a Lutheran perspective by co-leading a classroom at Grace Lutheran School. The local teachers are committed to the growing mission of Grace and long to better understand what it means to teach children from a Biblical foundation. You get to help them build that foundation in their lives!

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Ryan Hellpap

Field Manager


Bachelor’s degree in education or related field
5 years of experience in teaching elementary grade levels
International or urban USA school teaching experience strongly encouraged
Prior cross cultural volunteer or professional involvement
Experience working with children new to the Gospel
Knowledge of the “Christ Light” curriculum is a plus
Passion for mentoring peers and others with less experience
Love for helping others understand the value of a Christian based curriculum
Capability to teach Sunday School to a wide age group of children while mentoring others to teach the lessons
Personal qualities needed to succeed in Grenada
Manage conflict in a Christ-Like way
Enjoy challenges others may struggle with
Must put others first and understand how others see you
Willing and ready to learn and grow
Self-disciplined in daily activities
Honesty and humility when sharing feedback with others
Enjoys working in a group or individually