Welcome to Kingdom Workers! This handbook contains a comprehensive set of guidelines and information in order to make your involvement in mission outreach through our organization as impactful as possible. Whether you are a new or returning volunteer, please read through the following information carefully. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Kingdom Workers at 414-771-6848.


- Kingdom Workers Mission Statement, Purpose, and Vision
- Kingdom Workers Volunteer Philosophy
- Kingdom Workers Expectations of Volunteers
- Fundraising Policies
- Photos & Stories
- Travel Guidelines
- Kingdom Workers Volunteer Release, Waiver and Confidentiality Agreement 
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- Welcome to Kingdom Workers!

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Kingdom Workers

Mission Statement
Kingdom Workers spreads the Gospel by mobilizing Christians to create locally sustainable ministries addressing spiritual and physical needs in communities around the world.

What is Kingdom Workers?
Kingdom Workers is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that seeks to share the Gospel through sustainable programs that serve the needs of people in communities around the world. This work is done through the efforts of 20+ full-time staff, local ministry partners, and thousands of volunteers. Kingdom Workers partners with churches that are part of the Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Conference (CELC = a group of 25 Lutheran church bodies around the world of which the WELS and ELS are members). These partnerships result in mobilizing local church members and visiting volunteers to serve people in those specific communities while sharing the Gospel.

Types of projects include disability support services, clean water access, aquaponics, church and school construction projects, community gardens, teaching English, and refugee outreach.

*CELC membership includes Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod & Evangelical Lutheran Synod.

Kingdom Workers...
 Helps local partners develop sustainable ministry programs
Recruits and supports volunteers as they assist partners in their service outreach programs

Works with ministry partners to empower local ownership of programs

Gathers impact data and tracks long-term results for  each program

2017 Kingdom Workers Activity:

Project Locations
USA, Canada, Malawi, Chile, Japan, Nigeria, Indonesia, Ethiopia,  and the Caribbean

Click here to read the Kingdom Workers FAQ page and learn more about volunteering:



APACHE Mission Volunteers

*Policies for volunteer service longer than 4 weeks vary according to the type of project and location.
Kingdom Workers will provide more information as these projects become available. 


“Let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.” - I John 3:18

Kingdom Workers volunteer involvement is a crucial part of Kingdom Workers vision as a whole. In today’s world a Christian’s mission field is all around us - in our home, right outside our front door, and around the world - and each of us has been given different gifts to serve God in every aspect of our lives.

Kingdom Workers volunteers use their time, talents, and resources to reach people with the gospel and to inspire others to use their gifts to serve. Our volunteers are members of the Kingdom Workers family.

Volunteers will:
- learn from and encourage their family in Christ
- provide support and skills needed for mission projects
- help their congregation, family, and friends become more aware of mission opportunities through Kingdom Workers.

Kingdom Workers volunteers are shining lights in the darkness and are a blessing to our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ as they share the message of salvation. God’s Word is powerful and will make an eternal impact on the hearts of people who have been reached with the gospel. We are all God’s messengers! Thank you for serving!

“Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were making an appeal through us” - 2 Corinthians 5:20


You are representing Kingdom Workers, your home congregation, your host congregation, and
some of you will also be representing your school. Most importantly, you are representing our Lord.

Kingdom Workers Application
Pastor Recommendation (as requested)
Volunteer Handbook - Read and sign.
Volunteer Feedback Survey - Complete a brief survey, sharing reflections of their mission experience.
Stories and Photos - Volunteers and congregations are asked to provide a short story and 1-2 photos of their mission experience to share through Kingdom Workers’ social media posts and print pieces. 

Wear appropriate clothing (if you’re unsure, don’t wear it)
Be culturally sensitive in regard to dress and actions
Be prompt
Be flexible
Maintain a servant attitude
Say “thank you” whenever possible
Be friendly, polite, and courteous; you have come to serve, not to be served
Enjoy the company of your hosts; talk with them, get to know them
We encourage you to leave a thank-you note to your host(s) before you leave at the end of your service time
Stay in touch, if at all possible, and keep everyone that you serve in your prayers
Make an effort to immerse yourself within the congregation/mission and get to know them
Respect the leadership of the mission
Respect and cooperate with others
Abstain from alcohol and tobacco unless invited by the missionary, field manager, pastor, or host family
Help with meals and cleaning dishes
Be mindful of use of utilities (water, heat, air conditioning)
Be gracious and thankful
Offer to help whenever possible
Ask permission before using your host’s Internet and use it responsibly
Help keep your host family’s home clean
Ask permission to use laundry facilities and do your own laundry

*If the above conduct is not followed, the mission field representative has the right to return the volunteer home at the volunteer’s own cost.


If you are fundraising for your trip, carefully read the fundraising policies below.

100% of a person’s financial support must be raised or remitted prior to the mission trip, or they will not be allowed to participate.

Should you choose not to go on the trip, after expenses are incurred, you are fully responsible for all non-refundable costs incurred. Examples of non-refundable items include, but are not limited to, airline tickets*.
A volunteer might be asked to not participate in a trip, even after completing the training, due to personal issues that the leaders feel would hinder a trip. If this were to occur, the participant would not be held financially liable.

What happens if I don’t reach my goal amount?
In the event a volunteer is unable to reach their goal amount, they will not be allowed to participate on that project. The volunteer may opt to apply for a future available mission trip. Contributions already committed to or by the volunteer would then transfer to the new trip. If there is not a similar mission trip available in the future, any donations received will be applied to the same ministry program.
If the volunteer selects a new mission trip that has a higher cost, the additional cost must be raised prior to participating in the opportunity. If the volunteer selects a trip with a lower cost, the additional gifting site contributions will be allocated toward othermission projects in the same ministry program.

What happens when I exceed my goal amount?
Any funds raised above and beyond the total gifting site goal will be allocated to either volunteer teammates or current or future mission projects in the same ministry program.For example, funds raised for a Malawi mission trip, would be used for Malawi mission projects. Additional funds can be allocated to a teammate if needed. Any remaining funds will remain in that specific mission project area.
In the event a volunteer becomes disabled or there is a death in his or her immediate family, the program fee may be returned to the volunteer, and any contributions received through the gifting site will be allocated to other mission projects. As a registered non-profit, Kingdom Workers is not permitted to refund contributions acknowledged as charitable.

Tax Deductible Donations
Let your donors know that their contribution is tax-deductible. Kingdom Workers provides automated post-transaction correspondence that will serve as proof of contribution and can be used for reporting. Checks given to volunteers in person or sent by mail should be made payable to “Kingdom Workers” in order for that contributor to receive a tax-deduction.

*A medical note from a licensed physician or the death of an immediate family member are the only reasons someone can legitimately not attend a trip and not be held financially liable for non-refundable expenses that have already been incurred.


Please share your Kingdom Workers mission experience! This will encourage others to serve their Lord in the same way.
Simply email your stories, updates, pictures, and videos to your KW Volunteer Coordinator.

If you are unable to access a computer while on your trip, please submit your entries once you return home. Content shared by volunteers will be reviewed by Kingdom Workers to use as needed in various social media venues. All content provided by volunteers becomes the property of Kingdom Workers.

We will use this content to promote your volunteer service, to provide updates to donors who helped sponsor your trip, and to
inspire others to serve. Some stories might not be posted immediately, so they can be used in future Kingdom Workers newsletters, social media, or other publicity documents. Quotes from volunteer’s stories might also be used in a shortened social media post.

Not sure what story to share or photo to take? We can help! Read the tips below!


Sit down with your teammates before you go home and write down a few favorite moments to share with Kingdom Workers.
- Choose 1-3 favorite photos 

- Sending a video gets you an A+!

In all of your writing, consider these questions:
1) How is this project helping to spread the gospel?
2) What is the impact (short term or long term) this project is having on the community I’m working in?
3) What have I learned through this experience?
4) What is unique about this opportunity to proclaim the gospel?
5) Is there an interesting story about an individual that demonstrates the impact this project is having in the community?

You may not be able to answer all of the questions in every article you write, but this is a place to start. Perhaps try to focus on two or three of them in your story.

What to write about
- Impactful stories from your volunteer experience involving outreach        and the mission work being done.
- Include quotes and interviews with people/prospects served by your  
   project for variety.
- Someone you met with whom you were able to share the gospel
- A mission activity in which you were involved
- Visible impact that you observed when sharing the gospel
- How is this experience impacting you?
- NO “vacation”-focused stories

EXAMPLES OF USABLE STORIES :: Notice the focus on God's Word and the way it moves and works in the lives of the people, the impact on the community and contemplation of spiritual growth.

"The week definitely revived my enthusiasm for entering the teaching ministry in the near future. I can’t think of any job I’d rather do than sharing the Gospel message with kids almost every day."

"In January, we were able to visit Tandiza at her home along with the local volunteers who regularly visit and encourage her family by demonstrating different ways for her to develop her skills. Since the home visits began, Tandiza has begun sitting up independently! Marisa is studying to become an occupational therapist and Elizabeth plans to become a special education teacher. We are thankful they were able to visit and see what caring for the disabled looks like in a developing country. Walking alongside home-based care teams was the highlight of our trip!"

Be sensitive to the kind of information you include in your updates. To follow the advice of the Apostle Paul, in whatever you do, including your words and images, edify for the building up of the body of Christ to the glory of God the Father.


Photos Content - “Eyes and teeth”
Mission, ministry, & culture of the area - people you serve, members you work with, fellow Kingdom Workers volunteers, local ministry leaders, congregation members, project facilities (church, store front). For trips outside the U.S. and Canada – volunteers could also include some of the following: streets, buildings, landscapes, work, food, local customs, and celebrations.
Size: 1 MB resolution or higher 
Format: .jpg, .tiff, .gif, .raw

*Remember to ask individuals for permission before taking their photograph or video!

Working together, sharing the gospel. 
A primary goal is to engage the local congregation with our visiting volunteers to make as big of an impact as possible. Clear images of work being accomplished makes for good story telling.

Quiet moments of reflection. 
Want to tell a memorable story? Use a memorable image. The best pictures will stick in your mind for a long time. 

Display the setting.

Not every person is blessed with a big, beautiful church building in which to worship. Kingdom Workers is privileged to be able to work with people from many nations, economic classes, and races.

Proclaiming the gospel is important.
Your volunteer work is helping to share the gospel throughout the world. It’s important work. Help us talk about it. 

GREAT "eyes & teeth" photos!

Unusable photos




On behalf of the Kingdom Workers staff, we thank you for your willingness to use your gifts to serve. We pray that this service outreach experience inspires you to share the gospel with others as you continue to serve on future mission trips and in
your own community. Encourage others to participate in outreach opportunities as you share Jesus’ light!

Director of Mission Services
Laura Harstad

Mission Service Coordinator
Joyce Beglinger

Mission Service Coordinator
Neil Hankwitz 

In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see
your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.
-Matthew 5:16

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