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KW Editor's Note: In December, a KW team traveled to Malawi to work with our brothers and sisters in Christ to bring the Christmas message to the children there. One of the members of that team (Anna Hirschfeld) reflects on an insight she had about material gain.


Anna Hirschfeld

In both of the villages we visited, it was very eye-opening to compare what the Malawians have and what I take for granted.  I noticed one example of this when I was teaching the craft in Glasten.  Each child was given one crayon.   Not having much, if any experience with crayons, I explained how their project would be more colorful if they shared crayons with their friends.  I showed them the examples I had, where I had used several colors.  The kids caught on quickly to this and were very eager to exchange with a neighbor. When they held up their projects to show me, they had such excitement on their faces when I told them how beautiful their craft looked. Then at the end of the day, we gathered the crayons back so we could use them the following day.  Little did the children know, at the end of the last day of VBS, they were able to keep a crayon. The looks on their faces were priceless! The number of children we had here was less than the village of Ncondezi, so we were able to give more to the children than we expected.  Each child was able to take not just one crayon but two, and not just the craft they had finished, but a few coloring sheets too.  When they were told this, the air filled with the shouts and excitement of the children.  I never knew someone could get so much joy out of 2 crayons and a few sheets of paper.  

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