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It was craft day, but this time I took the under 5s while Jessie taught the older kids. The under 5s craft was just a coloring sheet that matched the story of creation and had the Bible verse on it. We laid out the sheets and put a crayon down for each child before they came to sit down. If we were in the States, the kids would have run in, grabbed the crayons, and started coloring away while chatting with their neighbors. I was so impressed with these Malawian kids, though. They came in, sat down, and didn't touch anything...all without making a sound! Part of it may have been that they were staring at me, the azungu, but part of it may also have been that they had never seen a crayon before and didn't know what to do. 

So the first group didn't go so well because I thought they would just color and I would just have to supervise. Nope! I'm so glad I had 3 helpers. We spent the time climbing over benches and showing the kids what to do. We had to pick up their hands with the crayons in them and color with them. Some kids picked it up, but some just felt content to stare at me. For the second and third groups, I had one of the helpers translate for me and I modeled how to color one part of the picture at a time. We still had to help some kids with the actual coloring, but it went more smoothly than the first group. This was a reminder that something I take for granted, like coloring, is a novelty to these kids in the village. They don't get crayons or paper or pencils or books! Therefore, they get excited over the little things in life. I pray that I may get that joy for all the simple things God has placed in my life.

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