Dec 18, 2014 - Day 2 of VBS in the village of Glasten

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by Mary Lindloff

Today we arrived for our second day of VBS in the village of Glasten. I was excited to be able to teach the story of Jesus' birth to so many children!

After I told the story of Jesus' birth, the children had the opportunity to act out the story using masks. The children had chances to be Mary, Joseph, Caesar Augustus, the owner of the inn and the animals in the stable. The children eagerly volunteered to act out the story; their faces lit up with joy when they were chosen to act a part. I was very impressed with how well they did with this acting. They each said their part with little or no prompting. The animals even made animal noises as Mary and Joseph entered the stable! At this point in the story, all the children began to sing one of their favorite Christmas songs about Jesus being born in a stable.


It immediately struck me how similar this re-enactment of the Christmas story was to how children re-enact the Christmas story in the U.S. - either through live nativities or school Christmas programs. Even though the children here in Malawi may live lives so drastically different from children in the U.S., they are similar in so many ways. They have joy in their hearts because they know about Jesus' birth. They have joy in their hearts as they praise God for sending His Son to earth to save us all. What a great experience it was to see children on the other side of the world who have the exact same joy and focus as so many Christian children in the U.S.!


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