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KW Editor Note: Hannah Hackbarth was sent to Zion Lutheran Church and School in Toledo, Ohio to volunteer over the summer. Her service, as well as the service of many others, is a blessing to both KW and the communities in which they serve.

Much of Becca and my ministry assistance at Zion has involved phone calling. We started with a list of over 300 names of families eligible for the EdChoice program in our area, and we were given the task to whittle it down to only the names of people interested in our school. This task is not always easy. It can be discouraging when people hang up on me while I’m in mid-conversation. It can be frustrating when I set up an appointment with a family, but they don’t show up. There are times where I’m tempted to think my work may be in vain.

It all goes back to the passage from the very first devotion I ever had at Zion which was based on the passage from 1 Corinthians 15:58. This passage has encouragement that speaks to situations such as these. It has the great reminder that my “labor in the Lord is not in vain.” I am to let “nothing move” me, but instead I am to give myself “fully to the work of the Lord.” The reason I can give myself wholeheartedly in service to God is not because of my own strength or abilities, but because of Christ’s love which motivates me. I love because He first loved me. Just one way I can show that love is by sharing the gospel news with others.

Not every phone call I’ve made has been a dead end; there have been quite a few people who are interested in pursuing a Christian education for their children. These positive reactions far outweigh any other rejection I may face. Just as there is rejoicing in heaven over one soul that repents, I can rejoice over one family that makes the effort to provide for their children’s spiritual needs. Please keep Zion in your prayers as we continue to try to reach out to families in the Toledo area.

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