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KW Editor Note: David Spaude went to North Hollywood this summer as a Kingdom Workers volunteer.  He worked with children at St. Paul’s First Lutheran Church and School.  

This week in North Hollywood we broke out the safety goggles and explored the world of science! We did all sorts of experiments such as baking soda and vinegar volcanoes, exploding ziplock bags, slime and even something called elephant toothpaste! We made animal calls to study sound waves and also explored optical illusions to see how the brain can get tricked.

Another activity we had our campers do during the week was cook. We broke up the weekly theme of science by having them make a favorite treat- cheerios balls! The campers had fun getting their hands sticky in this fun little activity.

As you read this blog, do you think that some of the things we are doing are not ministry related? As I started my work here as a Kingdom Worker, I didn’t see how making cheerios balls with children would do good things for the Kingdom of God. However, as the summer has gone on, I’ve begun to understand this ministry a bit more. I understand that even leading our children in simple activities throughout the day will do good things for the Kingdom of God. Carrying out duties like this help us develop friendships and then give us more opportunities to share God’s Word.

I admire Paul’s words in his second letter to Timothy, “As for you, always be sober-minded, endure suffering, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.” This is a passage that encourages me personally and has helped me to understand ministry. Paul was telling Timothy to fully carry out his ministry. He is telling us the same thing. It’s important that we carry out duties that go along with the ministry. Sometimes those duties include simple activities to make friends so that the Word of God may be proclaimed later.

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