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KW Editor Note: David Spaude volunteered over the summer and his time was spent in North Hollywood at St. Paul’s First Lutheran Church.  Like many of our other volunteers, a portion of his experience was assisting with Vacation Bible School.

This week at St. Paul’s was VBS. The theme was “A Ticket to Adventure.” Each day’s Bible story took place in a different city. So as we traveled from city to city we learned new songs and new facts about each place. The kids had opportunities to learn Bible stories, play games, sing songs, explore geographical features of each city, enjoy snacks and present songs to their parents on the last day.

As the week began, I was eager to see how St. Paul’s did their VBS. Up to this point in my life the only VBS I knew was that of my home church. Each VBS is unique in its own way so I had many opportunities to compare styles. One thing that always stays the same is God’s Word. Each day these kids received the spiritual food they needed and were able to take some of that back home. I am very thankful to have been a part of the program this week.

This week was my last week of work here in North Hollywood. It was difficult to say goodbye to close friends and coworkers; however, the way I look at it, you never really say goodbye to a Christian with heaven at the end of this long tunnel we call life. God will be with us until we meet again!

I’m very thankful to have had this summer opportunity to bring the Gospel to the people of North Hollywood. As an individual, I’ve grown greatly because of the entire experience. There was much adapting to do during my time here such as challenges of the big city, living with a host family and having the responsibility this job required. The summer ministry was worthwhile and definitely life-changing for me and also for many others who were involved with this ministry, I’m sure.

I’d like to thank those individuals who made this ministry possible. What they helped make possible has been a huge blessing to many families in the Los Angeles area. Funds made through donations allowed us to spread the Gospel to the children of the area and their families. Seeds were planted and now the Holy Spirit can work. May God bless this ministry and future ones to come!

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