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We had been driving along some dirt roads for a while, seeing our first glimpses of village life.

The houses were made out of bricks, the bricks we saw drying in the sun. They were modest houses, but they looked clean. There were also chickens and goats wandering everywhere, along with adults and children.

Then we turned down this lane I thought was too narrow for a car to drive on. As we got closer to the church, we could hear voices. As soon as we turned into the church, the women's choir burst into song and dance. I couldn't understand all the words, but one word did stick out - zikomo.

That means 'thank you' in Chichewa. These ladies were singing a song of thanks to us! How humbling! We weren't anyone special, yet here they were, being so happy to have us come and share Jesus with their children.

After their song, we went to the service. We heard from two choirs. Their voices just boomed out with joy, and they moved with grace and rhythm. Again, I didn't understand a word of the songs, nor that of the sermon, but here I was worshipping with fellow Lutherans on the other side of the world. This must be what heaven will be like. How amazing to know that the blood of Christ binds us together into one family. We may look different and speak different languages, but we are one.

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