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KW Editor Note: Hannah Hackbarth was a Kingdom Workers Faith In Action volunteer this summer at Zion Lutheran Church and School in Toledo, Ohio. Kingdom Workers is grateful for her time and talents, as well as the service of over 200 other volunteers who were sent out this summer.

My favorite week so far during my stay in Toledo was Vacation Bible School week. I loved working with the children and being able to see their child-like faith in action. Becca and I had the privilege of being in charge of music for the week. We taught the children classic Vacation Bible School songs like “Father Abraham” and “Lord’s Army,” but we also taught them new songs such as our theme song, “Gangway to Galilee.” On the Sunday following VBS, we directed the children in singing the theme song and “Amazing Grace” in church. The week definitely revived my enthusiasm for entering the teaching ministry in the near future. I can’t think of any job I’d rather do than sharing the Gospel message with kids almost every day.

Following Vacation Bible School week, Becca and I spent a lot of our time painting classrooms. Although I’ve probably gotten more paint on myself than the wall, the rooms are almost finished. What has amazed me is all of the people who willingly volunteer their time and abilities to Zion to help out the church and school. It reminds me a lot of Paul’s analogy which compares the church to a human body in 1 Corinthians 12. All of the different parts of the body have different functions, just as all of the members of Zion have unique, God-given abilities that can be used to serve Him. Some members may be skilled at wood-working and others may have a gift for gardening, but they all have one thing in common: Christ is their head. Faith in Jesus as our Savior is what holds us all as believers together and motivates us to serve Him and His church however best we can.

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