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KW Editor Note: Allison Songstad and Laura Albrecht were Kingdom Workers Faith In Action volunteers who spent a week at Deer Valley Lutheran Church in Phoenix, Arizona.  Their work with children in the VBS program is a blessing and we are thankful for their service.

The past couple days have been such a great experience here in Phoenix, Arizona. The children’s faith is growing each day and it is amazing to watch. The VBS theme is Wilderness Escape and the story of Moses, and the kids are experiencing hands on activities as they are led through the desert. The “tribes” are chanting Bible passages with excitement and are enjoying hearing the good news about their Savior. It is so neat to watch the children make new friends and become more vocal as the week goes on. They are understanding Bible concepts and the true meaning of God’s love. We are so honored to be leaders and to get to know the children. They each have such great personalities and it is amazing to see the gifts and talents God has blessed them with.  We are so thankful for this opportunity and are looking forward to the next few days with the kids.

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