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KW Editor Note:  Kingdom Worker David Spaude went to North Hollywood this summer to assist St. Paul’s First Lutheran Church and School in their summer camp program.  We are grateful for his ministry, as well as the service of over 200 other summer volunteers.   

What I’d been waiting for since last November when I found out I’d be serving here this summer had finally arrived. The first week of summer camp was here and it was new and exciting. First off, the kids at the camp were very excited to have a “big kid” around to talk to. I’m not used to being the new person whom every kid wants to meet but it was a great experience. Of course it’s not all fun and games, because meeting fourty-someting kids in a few hours comes with a consequence. This consequence happens when one forgets a name. It happened to me and I found out quickly that it’s not condoned by the younger ones. One thing I’ve learned thus far is that getting to know a person and what they like is a good way for me to remember their name and start a relationship with them.

At this camp the kids get a morning and afternoon devotion each day. I see these times of day as extremely important and one of the coolest ways I’ve been able to lead in this camp is through these daily devotions. I had the opportunity to write and deliver them to the kids each morning. This was a cool experience that got better as the week progressed.

On Friday, I got talking with Kayla, the mother of two boys and a girl at our camp. I asked her if she and her family were members at St. Paul’s. She smiled and said no, but said her kids are students at the school. She said she was a Buddhist and her husband believed in nothing. I thought about witnessing to her at that very moment, but the opportunity to do this in the conversation just never came up! Through this conversation my eyes were opened to the fact that the kids at this camp may not come from Christian homes, but we have the opportunity to witness to them about Jesus and maybe that very thing will eventually draw their parents into God’s Word too. This weekend I saw the coolest thing - Kayla and her husband were in church.

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