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KW Editor Note: Alison Boulden and Melissa Stibb returned to York and Seward, Nebraska for their second summer in a row as a Summer Ministry Assistance team.  The work of all volunteers is a blessing to the congregations and communities they serve.    

This is our second summer in Nebraska as a Summer Ministry Assistance team. We were so excited to be back and interact with everyone we had gotten close to last year! Because this is our second time here, we have compiled a list of “guidelines/rules” for future canvassers. Also included are facts that we have learned over the past two summers we have spent serving.

1. Always take more materials for canvassing than you think you will need. You will probably run out anyway.

2. There is a difference between a dog’s bark of love versus a bark for blood.

3. Walking up to 20 miles per day is a normal routine.

4. Appreciate those who take the time to listen as you share your faith.

5. “Always be prepared to give an answer to anyone who asks you to give a reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.” 1 Peter 3:15

Our first two weeks in York were spent hanging flyers on doors to advertise for Bethel’s Vacation Bible School. The third week was reserved for VBS itself. The program this year was called Dive In. The entire church basement was decorated in an underwater ocean theme. We averaged about 25 children a day throughout the week. We loved working with them through songs, crafts, lessons and skits. It was exciting to see the children learn about God’s love and apply it to their lives. They even took the stories and songs about Jesus home to share with their parents.

Now we are working with the members of Grace Lutheran Church in Seward. We have spent the last two weeks hanging flyers for their VBS. By God’s grace it appears that we will have a record number of children: 25 have pre-registered, and VBS has not even started yet! We hope to reach each one of them with the saving message.

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