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KW Editor Note:  Becca Rehberger served in Toledo, Ohio this summer at Zion Lutheran Church and School.  Her mission was to help them grow in the community and spread God’s Word.

Everybody has a list: things to do, things to buy, people to see. Here in Toledo, Ohio, at Zion Lutheran Church, we have a list as well: a list of people for us to contact. It’s straightforward enough: names, numbers and addresses. They’re entries in a database.

Or are they?

We’ve done a lot of phone canvassing over this week. It’s different than going door-to-door; we’re able to pinpoint specific families that might be interested in the school, and we’re able to reach more people with our time. We also reached out to the immediate neighborhood with a community picnic and block party; many of the families that visited took a tour of the school. They will also be having a Vacation Bible School later on in the summer that we hope many children from the community will attend. Eventually, we hope that some of those families we talked to will send their children to Zion Lutheran School, and that they will hear more of God’s Word through the church.

There is always the danger that our ministry can turn into just calling phone numbers and checking them off the list, making our contacts prospects rather than people. We’re not God—we will not know the people we call like He does. The voices on the other end of the telephone line have long histories to go along with them: disappointments, hopes, fears and children to look after. Even though much of our work is pre-evangelism, God wants each of those voices to sing for Him in heaven. That is our ultimate goal. We must never forget that they need to hear about our Savior.

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