Malawi, Africa 
disability program developer

Serve 1+ years starting in 2018!

Help local volunteers expand the Disability Ministry.

Location: Blantyre, Malawi, Africa
Start date: 2018
Length of service: 1+ years
Number of mission workers needed: 1 
Application deadline: April 9, 2018

You will travel to disability ministry sites across Malawi, meet volunteers, think critically with local stakeholders on how best to develop the program, and ultimately work with the Africa Program Manager and Disability Ministry Coordinator on how to achieve that goal.

Encourage and strengthen local volunteers.

Kingdom Workers partners with LCCA (Lutheran Church of Central Africa): Malawi Synod congregations to include people with disabilities in church and community life. Local Lutheran volunteers meet weekly with families of children with disabilities working to reach their physical, social, educational, and spiritual goals. This program currently operates in the southern region, but there is a desire to expand to other parts of the country. Help is needed to create a training program that provides a solid foundation to new volunteers in other areas of Malawi. Outside experts have previously provided this training. To increase the sustainability of this program, we desire to build a program that can be managed by local staff, with assistance from a few local medical consultants.

POSITION DESCRIPTION: As the Disability Program Developer, you will work closely with the Disability Ministry Coordinator. Together, you will observe and take detailed notes during home-based care training workshops, led by an outside professional . Using the outside professional as a resource, the two of you will work to adapt the training program to be used by local staff at future training sessions. It is desired that the developed training program will include home-based care training, as well as training on how to support the spiritual needs of those with disabilities and their families.

You will also collaborate with local Kingdom Workers (KW) staff on how best to incorporate strong spiritual support from staff members to volunteers. This may require sourcing or developing devotional resources, as well as gathering feedback from volunteer teams on how KW staff can better support the volunteer teams. Since Malawian culture is very relational, you will need to recognize the importance of developing and maintaining strong relationships, and be willing to prioritize relationship building over to-do lists.


  • Physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathology, or special education background given special preference.
  • Must be a member in good standing of a church associated with the Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Conference (ie WELS, ELS) 
  • Experience in program development and working with a team.
  • Experience working cross-culturally preferred
  • Interest in cross-cultural outreach and ministry, strong cultural intelligence.
  • A passion for reaching the lost; a commitment to outreach and good stewardship.
  • A spirit of listening and respect in the presence of others.
  • An open mind to learning about specific challenges faced by people living in material poverty.
    • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with open and honest communication.
    • Ability to remain positive and be flexible when experiencing unexpected situations.
    • Understanding of the values of relationships.
    • Proficient use of technology and able to learn new technology, as needed. Ability to teach new technology, a bonus.

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