Easter for Kids 2015

Easter for kids 2015 ||Malawi

by Michelle Shambeau, Kingdom Workers Volunteer

Post 1::

One conversation sticks out in my mind; however it had nothing to do with words or speaking. As we were waiting for some of the logistics to get squared away at our first village there was this boy who had a soccer ball made of string and plastic bags. We started kicking the ball back and forth and then inviting others to join by kicking the ball their way, we soon had about 20 people in on our game. It is amazing that though we couldn't speak to each other we could still communicate with a smile! We were able to continue communicating with many smiles and thumbs up throughout Easter for Kids!

Post 2::

It was a true joy to have the opportunity to worship in Malawi at the Village of Misomali. At the church service we were able to attend, I was filled with many 'Holy Moments' in which my eyes would well up with tears. I had no idea what the choirs were singing about, as it was all in Chichewa, but the way in which they worshiped truly was a memory I will treasure forever. We also had the opportunity to witness 15 baptisms-how amazing is that! Finally at the end of the service we were allowed the opportunity to lead the kids in the Bible verses and songs they had learned from our 3 days teaching them about Easter. So amazing to see we were able to leave a little Easter with the many Malawians!

Truly blessed to have had this opportunity.

Michelle Shambeau

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