Throughout Malawi, there is a quiet but desperate need to reach out to families with disabled children. Due to a shortage of education on the various conditions and ailments, parents and care-takers are often at a loss as to how to help their child with a disability learn to communicate, walk and interact with the world around them. For over three years, Kingdom Workers’ volunteers have been visiting several remote villages to conduct Home Based Care with many of these families. Thanks to a strong partnership with The Lutheran Home Association’s outreach program, Jesus Cares Ministries, the volunteers are able to share the Gospel and tend to physical needs of these children. 

One of the major challenges for the volunteer corp is transportation. They need to travel out to remote areas around their villages. Having a small fleet of Bicycles for the teams to use will enable them to reach more families so that the Gospel might be proclaimed in more parts of Malawi.  

Malawi Needs New Bikes!

$180 buys one bike for a team of two

These bikes will help them reach disabled people who live far from the church or in hard to reach places. Some people served by this ministry live so far away from the teams that they can only be visited once every two or three months. The goal is to increase the amount of times they can hear a worship at the cross service and receive encouragement.

KW works closely with The Lutheran Home Association’s and local experts to train up these volunteers. The Jesus Cares Ministry is a great blessing to the soul care of disabled people in Malawi. 

Give the gift of mobility to these faithful volunteers

Dan Tyrrell
Africa Programs Manager: Malawi