Assist with Disability Ministry and VBS outreach in Malawi


Learn how Christians across the world are responding to the spiritual and physical needs of families in their community.  Sign up today and experience first-hand how Lutherans in Malawi are working together to share the gospel!

• Accompany Malawian volunteer teams to perform home-based care for disabled
    children and participate in Worship at the Cross services 
• Learn about daily life and Christian service in rural Malawi from Lutheran church
• Serve with local volunteers to organize an Easter for Kids program for families who
    live close to their church
• Attend Sunday worship in a village church
• Serve at an urban shelter for disabled adults and children

In response to the grace of Jesus, and in accordance with the commission of the body of Christ, this Kingdom Workers (KW) Service Immersion opportunity will foster cultural exchange and expose Christian volunteer workers to a foreign mission field. Participants will join in a series of guided learning and service opportunities facilitated by Kingdom Workers Malawi staff, Lutheran Church of Central Africa (LCCA) leaders, and local volunteers. Participants will learn and serve alongside Disability Ministry volunteer teams and experience other ministry areas around Blantyre. 

LOCATION: Blantyre, Malawi

Start Date: April 8, 2017
End Date: April 22, 2017
(Dates flexible: 2 weeks in country over Easter)


TOTAL COST: $3,200
Includes: airfare, lodging, food, in-country transportation, visa, and program fee

FUNDRAISING: Participants are encouraged to fundraise to cover costs. Kingdom Workers provides many resources to assist with participant’s fundraising efforts.

• Be comfortable stepping outside of their comfort zone
• Be flexible with changing schedules
• Desire to learn from local Malawian leadership and community members
• Be prepared to spend significant time outdoors and traveling on rough terrain
• Have an “I’m here to learn” attitude as opposed to an “I’m here to teach” attitude
• Be willing and ready to serve through manual labor
• Experience working with physically and developmentally disabled individuals is a plus, but not required

• Complete Kingdom Workers Application
• Respond to essay questions about personal learning goals for this experience
• Complete pre-trip orientation
• During Service Immersion: Daily Bible studies. Weekly small group discussion
• Complete post-trip team reflection, survey, and essay

IMMUNIZATIONS: Click here - Malawi Health & Immunization Information 

HOUSING: The Kingdom Workers guesthouse in Blantyre is fully furnished with a working kitchen, running water, electricity, and security. It is within walking distance to Western restaurants and close to the Kingdom Workers field staff house.

MEALS: Participants will cook most meals themselves at the guesthouse.

GROUND TRANSPORTATION: Provided by Kingdom Workers-Malawi

SAFETY CONCERNS: Kingdom Workers-Malawi takes every precaution to ensure the safety of participants. Malawi is a stable country, and volunteer accommodations are equipped with night guards, an alarm system, and secure locks. Nevertheless, foreigners can be targets for petty theft. As part of orientation, participants are taught how to safeguard valuables. There are several hospitals in Blantyre, but some of the sites participants will be visiting are remote. Kingdom Workers will also advise participants on vaccination requirements and suggested medications to bring.

Dan Tyrrell
Africa Programs Manager: Malawi 


Give the Gift of Mobility

Throughout Malawi, there is a quiet but desperate need to reach out to families with disabled children. Due to a shortage of education on the various conditions and ailments, parents and care-takers are often at a loss as to how to help their child with a disability learn to communicate, walk and interact with the world around them. For over three years, Kingdom Workers’ volunteers have been visiting several remote villages to conduct Home Based Care with many of these families. Thanks to a strong partnership with The Lutheran Home Association’s outreach program, Jesus Cares Ministries, the volunteers are able to share the Gospel and tend to physical needs of these children. 

One of the major challenges for the volunteer corp is transportation. They need to travel out to remote areas around their villages. Having a small fleet of Bicycles for the teams to use will enable them to reach more families so that the Gospel might be proclaimed in more parts of Malawi.