Speech Language volunteer opportunity in Malawi!

A strong program has been developed to serve children with disabilities in numerous locations in Malawi. However, an unmet need has been identified in providing speech and language therapy. Kingdom Workers is seeking a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) to provide training to local staff in Malawi. The volunteer will spend most of their time teaching basic communication therapy techniques to local Kingdom Workers staff who would then pass along information and techniques to local Lutheran volunteers and caregivers. There are very few speech and language therapists in Malawi, so other professionals serving people with disabilities in the area would also be invited to receiving training from a visiting SLP with our staff. Including area professionals in the training is a wonderful way to build relationships as well as gain knowledge to improve home-based care within the disability ministry.

LOCATION: Southern Region, Malawi
DATES: 1 month in the summer of 2019. Dates are flexible

-train Kingdom Workers Malawi staff in basics of speech & language therapy
-show basic therapy techniques to local volunteers and caregivers of children in home-based care program

Speech language pathologist (SLP) with experience working with children.
SLP should have experience designing communication therapy plans and sharing plans with parents.
Cross-cultural experience.
Experience teaching basics of speech and language therapy to a small group.

TOTAL COST: $2,975
Includes: airfare, lodging, food, in-country transportation, visa 
(Note: Airfare is based on traveling from the USA. If you are traveling from a different country, contact KW to confirm the total cost.)

FUNDRAISING: Participants are encouraged to fundraise to cover costs. Kingdom Workers provides many resources to assist with participant’s fundraising efforts.  Invite others to join your personal support network and become part of your team!

HOUSING: Participants will be living in a guesthouse in the city of Blantyre.
MEALS: Participants will cook the majority of meals themselves at the guesthouse.
GROUND TRANSPORTATION: Provided by Kingdom Workers-Malawi

SAFETY CONCERNS: Kingdom Workers-Malawi takes every precaution to ensure the safety of participants. Malawi is a stable country, and volunteer accommodations are equipped with night guards, an alarm system, and secure locks. Nevertheless, foreigners can be targets for petty theft. As part of orientation, participants are taught how to safeguard valuables. There are several hospitals in Blantyre, but some of the sites participants will be visiting are remote. Kingdom Workers will also advise participants on vaccination requirements and suggested medications to bring. Volunteers are expected to be in good health.

• Complete Kingdom Workers Application with resume
• Submit any other documents as requested
• Complete pre-trip orientation
• Reach support raising goal
• Arrive in Malawi!

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