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We connect mission field projects with resources to fulfill them.

What does that mean?

Kingdom Workers works along side you and your church. We are highly skilled mission professionals in the fields of community health, outreach, construction, communication, cross culture relations and several more disciplines. Our goal is to connect you with your mission in God’s Kingdom.

At our core, we send volunteers to work with and/or train groups to reach, teach and proclaim the gospel. This doesn't always happen in overt ways. Rather than standing in pulpits we tend to play in the dirt. Kingdom Workers understands that Jesus focused on people; their physical and emotional needs at the same time as their souls. We build buildings and lead sports camps in efforts to develop your community engagement.

We are mission professionals. When you volunteer with us, buckle up. After all, this is God’s work we’re doing.

We believe that God created each of us with unique talents. It is our duty, as stewards, to align those abilities into action according to the Great Commission. Throughout the world, we are working together, sharing the gospel.

We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us.

Romans 12:6