Thank you for being ready and willing to travel to another part of our world to work with another ministry on their outreach project. You are truly the Hands and Feet bringing the saving Gospel to the world. 

While you are able to go, others are not but they still wish to engage in ministry work. Supporting your mission trip is a way for your friends, family and others to contribute to ministry.

The goal of this Fundraising Toolkit is to help you open that opportunity for others to serve our LORD with their financial resources. 

Step 1: Pray about it. 

We are engaging in mission work on a very active level. This is the Great Commission being carried out. Praise God for the good work in front of us. 

Step 2: Get your Gifting Site set-up!

Contact Kingdom Workers for more information. 

Step 3: Write an Email

Step 4: Social Media Shout Outs

Step 5: Phone Calls

Step 6: Presenting at your church

As your friends and family start to learn about your mission trip you must continue to communicate the purpose, value and goals of the work. There is an old saying in Show-Business, "If they like you, they will like what you do." 

Putting your personal touch on this mission is very important. Tell people Why you want to go. Tell them what you'll be doing. Tell everyone how they can be a part it. 

In a sense, your supporters will be traveling with you on this mission. Kingdom Workers will be posting about it on social media and we suspect you will be too. Your friends will be able to follow the progress via those channels.  Your family can share in the excitement of bring the Gospel to people in other parts of the world. 

Step 1: Create a video

Step 2: Email Follow-Up

Step 3: Keeping Social Media Fresh

Step 4: Phone Calls

Step 5: Presenting at your church and other places 

Who else do you know? 

By now, you have probably posted about your mission on Facebook and talked with people in your home church. That's great. 

As you talk with people, don't hesitate to ask them, "Do you know anyone else who might be interested in coming with me on my mission?"  You might be surprised who they introduce to you. 

Step 1: Video is best

Step 2: Who else do you know?

Step 3: Get more out of your social

Step 4: You just have to ask

You should be close to fully funded now. Congrats! 

Now comes the real work - communicating the work, progress, spiritual growth and gratitude to your supporters. Even before you travel, you can begin to write Thank You notes and "Pre-Trip" blog posts to share on your social media. 

Start to study photography and good writing so you're able to capture your experience. This will be very valuable as you return from your mission an share the stories with your friends and family. 

Step 1: Keep Praying

You are finishing up a process that many of your peers have never done, but the best is yet to come. 

Step 2: Start saying 'Thank You'

Step 3: Social Media should be social

Step 4: Start Writing

Step 5: Post Trip Church Presentation

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