Phone Scripts: 

While a majority of communication is done through texting, email, and social media, there is still a large population who value phone conversations and face-to-face meetings. This script is a stepping stone for you to go the extra step and meet with a relative or friend face to face or talk to them on the phone. If you plan to call family members or friends, please plan time so you are not rushing though calls, and you can give each person the proper time on the phone they deserve. Please adjust these scripts as you see fit for your needs. 

This should seem obvious, but since you're calling friends and family members, you already have a relationship built with them. Remember that your motivation isn't really to get them to write a check, but to invite them to learn more about the mission project, to pray for you and the mission field, and to be part of your support group as you serve.

Mission projects should have a lasting impact on the community they are in. You are inviting your loved ones to help spread the Word of God in another community. Have that conversation instead of simply asking for $50. 

Note: the words in (bold) need to be changed to fit your mission project.

For making an appointment to get together with someone who lives near you:

Hello, Aunt Bea. This is Erika. How are you doing? I am doing great! Thank you for asking! I have a great opportunity to serve on a mission project through Kingdom Workers. Would you have some time this weekend where I could take you out for coffee and talk about what I will be doing.

If no: Is there another time that works better for you? Maybe during the weekday?

If yes: Great! Saturday at 9:00am at the Starbucks on 1st and Main sounds great! I look forward to seeing you then!

For asking when someone does not live in town:

Hello Grandpa Bill. This is Erika. How are you? I am doing great. Thanks! I would like to share with you an exciting opportunity I have been presented with. I am going to serve on a mission project through Kingdom Workers. Do you have a few minutes to talk right now?

If no: is there a better time I can call you back?

If yes: great, this shouldn’t take too much of your time. I have an opportunity to go to (place you are going and when you are going) to (what will you be doing there.) I am going for a week with three other people. Part of this mission is to fundraise $300 to help cover costs of transportation there and back, as well as support this program. I am calling all family to see if they will be a part of my 30-day challenge to help me raise the money in one month. Would you pray about joining my challenge to give a dollar a day for 30 days? 

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