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  1. GET THE WORD OUT – call, mail, e-mail, tweet, text your friends and family and let them know you are going on a mission project, when the project is taking place, where it is happening, and why you are volunteering for it. Learn more about the church and the service you will be doing. If you sound excited, they will be excited for you!
  1. GIVE A PRESENTATION – talk with your home pastor and ask when you can present to the congregation. This could include addressing the congregation after worship service or setting up a short presentation between worship services or directly after church. Your pastor can help you find a time. We have presentations for you to use. Check out “before the mission” and “after the mission” presentations. 
  1. SPARE CHANGE JAR – you know all of the change that is on the floor of your car, in the couch cushions, or in your jeans pocket that just went through the wash? Start collecting all of the spare change and put it in one place. Ask your friends and family to do the same. At the end of the month, total it up and put it towards your mission project.
  1. KINGDOM WORKERS MATH – do some calculations using significant numbers for your fundraising challenge. For example, if the goal is $300:
  2. $300/7 = $43/day. Ask seven people to contribute a day’s worth for your project. Or ask 14 people to contribute $21.50.
  3. $19.88 – 1988 was the first organizational gathering of Kingdom Workers in Muskego, Wis.
  4. $23.23 – Kingdom Workers address is 2323 N. Mayfair Rd.
  1. BUSINESSES - ask your place of work for a contribution.
  1. MATCHING FUNDS - see if your work, or a family member's work will match a gift for your mission project.

SOCIAL MEDIA – when you hear social media, don’t limit yourself to just Facebook. Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube are ways to spread the word to friends and family. Tag Kingdom Workers and use #KWVolunteer in your posts.

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