We have a challenge for you. Raise your funds in 30 days! 30 day challenges are rising in social media. For example, simply ask 10 people to donate $30 if you are fundraising for a goal of $300!

 Whether the #30DayChallenge is spiritual, physical, or social, it is gaining popularity. There are a couple of ways you can approach this challenge, and you can decide how you want your #30DayChallenge to look. Please consider using the “#” if you are promoting your mission project on social media.

 Option 1: Ask your friends and family to partner with you on the mission project and help you with your challenge to raise your funds in 30 days or less. Don’t forget to tell them where you are going and what you will be doing there. You can ask them through Facebook, Twitter, email, or face-to-face interaction. 

Option 2: Essentially the same as the first option; however, ask them to help you reach your goal by donating a dollar a day for 30 days. (Since contributing $1 a day may be a bit tedious ask your funding partners to consider contributing the full $30 amount at the end of the month.)

 Option 3: If you are not a social media person, but you communicate through email, include in your email to your friends and family that you have challenged yourself to be funded in 30 days. Use the options above to get funded in a month. Even if you don’t have social media, you can still use the 30-day challenge to getting funded. 

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