Service Immersion Program

Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed. || Proverbs 19:17

This program is designed to foster cultural exchange and expose participants to a foreign mission field. The focus of this trip is guided learning and service facilitated by local lead teams with the Kingdom Workers Field Manager assisting as needed.

• Guide participants to connect and build relationships while serving
• Cross-cultural exchange through service learning in support of community goals and existing projects
• Develop servant leadership in participants through mentoring by local leaders who are committed to serving their Lord by serving their community.  

Participants will learn biblical lessons around poverty, holistic health, and the need for a Savior in a physically and spiritually broken world. This will be facilitated through essay questions, pre-service orientation, and guided reflection and discussion. 

While there will be opportunities for meaningful service, the purpose of this program is not to enact change or to lead a project or class. The goal is to learn about the successes and challenges local Christians face in their outreach efforts and provide a context for meaningful learning in unique areas. Immersion participants follow the guidance of the local lead teams.

Current Service Immersion Opportunity: Malawi

Local Malawians will guide this learning experience, and the KW Field Manager will facilitate discussions about observations and applications.

Dates: July 2- 18, 2016* 
Estimated cost: $3,500** (varies depending on airfare)
Qualifications: Male - due to housing restrictions for this specific trip.
Additional Requirements: Participant must have a current passport, will need to apply for an expedited Malawi visa, and receive necessary immunizations prior to travel

*optional additional week stay may be available
** Fundraising is possible, but participants may need to personally cover a large portion of the expenses due to the short timeframe