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“We will have what no one around us has.  We have a special place for our school children to play and a place for other neighborhood children to gather.  Here we can take the opportunity to share our faith and invite others to church.” 

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Work in Southeast Asia keeps moving forward and it’s exciting to see the changes.  With a focus on both education and community health, many different projects are in the works. 

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Teacher training  

As most of our workers are volunteers and have had little or no college education, teacher training continues.  Our last workshop was focused on methodology and curriculum with 8 preschool and 6 elementary teachers participating.  A visitation program is being set up where a local expert will be coming a number of times a school year to observe and mentor these educators.  This will provide practical training with immediate feedback.

Christ Light – training our children

This school year the teachers in our elementary school, several preschools, and Sunday Schools  will be starting to use Christ Light.  The church body with whom we are working wanted to unite their synod under one solid curriculum to teach their children.  With help from Multi-language Publications and access to Christ Light materials, translation is being done with Bible lessons  and a modified teacher manual.  This will be a long process as there are many grade levels and cycles  to prepare, but we are excited about the work being done.  In addition, training is being held to give teachers knowledge and confidence to carry out the program.

Water – a source of life

In many areas of SE Asia, dry season is in effect more than half the calendar year.  Without running water, people – mostly women and children - are forced to walk long distances to retrieve water.  When the water is brought home it must be boiled over open fires in order to be used for cooking or drinking.  This process is repeated daily – 2 to 3 times each day! In an effort to serve these communities, we have connected them with local and international experts to participate in coming up with solutions.  This fall, we will be working with one community to install a land pump and water tanks.  People will have easier access to clean water, live healthier lives, and most importantly, witness Christ-driven compassion!  Two other villages are in great need as well and it is our hope to meet their needs in the very near future.

School-based nutrition:  Healthy snacks and milk are making a difference in our elementary school.  A visible difference was noted in my most recent visit.  Children seem to be more alert and eager to learn.  The local teachers have noted school attendance and grades are also improving!

Child health education:  Health workshops focused on children’s health were held last visit.  Over 30 family members, in addition to the children in our elementary school attended the workshop.  A healthy, balanced meal was served following the program.
School development:  A school building project has begun!  Land has been leveled and the foundation has been laid in phase one of a three phase project.  By 2016, we hope to have three classrooms built, furnished and in use by over 50 children.

 Your prayers for the work being done in SE Asia are greatly appreciated and certainly encouraging for us all.  May these efforts continue to be a blessing to our brothers and sisters in Christ.

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