“If I cannot be a pastor when I grow up, then I know what I want to do!”

The daughter of one of our church leaders in a remote mountain village is seeking to serve her Lord and the people of her village.  As a girl, she is not able to do that as a pastor, but seeing the needs of the people in her village, she has opted to set her sights on becoming a doctor.  The people of her village cannot afford medicines to fight common diseases or illnesses.  They lack clean water and nutritious food.  Her love for Christ and her people has led her to want to develop her talents and skills in order that she might be able to promote physical well being.

Recently I was gifted some money and I knew exactly how to put it to good use.  I purchased two books – a children’s Bible storybook and a children’s encyclopedia of the human body and health.  I told her when I handed the encyclopedia to her that when she reads and learns new things about caring for her body, she should share that with the people of her village.  I picture her going about telling people how to have good dental health and reminding them to eat their vegetables!  I also encouraged her to share the even more important message of Jesus with those around her!

She is the daughter of one of our church leaders who serves in a remote mountain village.  Her mother teaches preschool at their church.  Until recently, she never had a book of her own.  Her mother told me that she will not let these books out of her sight.  She even takes them to bed with her at night!  ~ Coral Cady

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Coral Cady

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