Kingdom workers: STAFF

The Kingdom Workers staff comes from a very diverse set of backgrounds. Some of us came from roles as "called workers," others have experience in the non-profit sector and some come from corporate settings. One thing we all have in common is a desire to help. Christ’s love for mankind as recorded in Scripture compels us to carry the gospel with a sense of urgency. 

Essentially, we are divided into two major groups: Ministry Staff and Support Staff.
The ministry directors and field staff work directly with churches and other partners to actively spread the gospel through demonstration and proclamation around the world. Support staff ensures that volunteer recruitment, security and logistics are met, projects are funded and the operations end of Kingdom Workers continues to move with transparency and efficiency.  

Really, you are Kingdom Workers. By supporting, volunteering with us and praying, you and many other Christians around the world are Kingdom Workers. You are the ones who travel to a project and meet the spiritual and physical needs in that mission field. You are the network of believers that sense an urgency in the Great Commission. You are KW. We work to support you. 

Bill Meier
President & CEO
 Dan Moyle
 Senior Director of Ministry
Clarence Jenkins
Senior Director of Mission Advancement
Chad Ellwien
Senior Director of Systems Development
John Lautz
Director of
Builders For Christ
 Laura Harstad
Director of
Mission Services
Dan Tyrrell
Africa Programs Manager: Malawi
Kristi Sebald
Field Manager: USA & Canada
Coral Cady
Field Manager: S.E. Asia
Patty Eagon
Office Manager
Anna Sherod
Field Manager: Apache
Ryan Hellpap
Field Manager: Caribbean
 Neil Hankwitz
Mission ServiceCoordinator
Joyce Beglinger
Mission Service Coordinator
Jana Johnson
Executive Assistant 
Annette Timm
Financial Manager
Meghan Brondos
Graphic Design and Content Manager


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