Annette Timm
Annette Timm
Financial Manager


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Annette Timm is the “controller of the money,” as her coworkers like to say. With a degree both in education and accounting, Annette has previously worked as a seamstress, proofreader, music teacher, tax preparer and insurance accountant. Now a Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professional (CNAP), she cannot understand why her coworkers do not get as excited about spreadsheets as she does.  

Annette is a native Wisconsin farm girl who grew up raising the calves on the family dairy farm near the illustrious town of Pound (yes, home of the famous 1992 Slim Fast Diet Challenge). She now lives with her husband Jeff in Waukesha where they raised four great kids (a little more work than calves, but much more rewarding), added one son-in-law, and are still working on training the family Shichon, Snickers, to stop barking at every blowing leaf and numerous imaginary squirrels. She spends her free time playing, singing and listening to contemporary Christian music, trading foreign currencies, sneaking Boulder Junction potato chips (they’re healthy!) and avoiding parallel parking.

About me

It’s rare to find me without…chocolate close by 
To get to know me you’d have to…buy me chocolate 

When I was five years old I wanted to be…a figure skater or a chocolate maker 

Another Ministry/NPO I love is…K-Love radio 

When I’m not “Working Together to Share the Gospel”, I’m…studying nutrition and online trading 

The book on my nightstand is…a Kindle – loaded with everything that I should read 
My favorite potluck food is…cheesy potatoes or anything with chocolate 

The moment I knew I wanted to work for Kingdom Workers was…when Neil told me I would be a good fit