"Be Ye Perfect"

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By: Kristin Lehmann

For many of us who have grown up as Lutherans, the LDS (Mormon) faith may seem like a bit of a mystery to us.  Perhaps you have seen LDS missionaries in your neighborhood - maybe they have even come to your door.  You might have chosen to talk with them, or you might have opted not to open your door because you didn't want to get into a discussion.  It can be intimidating to get into a religious discussion when you don't understand very much about another faith.  And while LDS members consider themselves to be Christians, you have probably been told that their teachings are not Christian.  

Indeed, I also did not understand too much about their faith until a few weeks ago.  That was when I started reading about the LDS faith in preparation for a mission trip that I was going to be a part of.  The mission work is with Truth in Love Ministry, an organization that was started by a WELS pastor with the goal of spreading the gospel to Mormons.  Last Saturday evening, a group of about 20 of us from around the country gathered together in Salt Lake City/Provo, Utah, where over 90% of the population belongs to the LDS church.  For the past 3 days, we have been going door to door, knocking on doors and sharing the gospel with those who open the door for us.  We have also been telling them about a website designed by Truth in Love Ministry, called 'beyeperfect.org', which aims at sharing the gospel truth with Mormons.  

This website is appropriately named 'be ye perfect' because one of the key components of the LDS faith is to continually strive for perfection.  They take the command of God to 'be perfect' as something that is actually attainable and even necessary for eternal life in heaven, instead of understanding that we cannot be perfect on our own.  So as missionaries, we are especially trying to spread the message of joy that WE believe Christ was perfect for us, and that we ALREADY have God's full and complete forgiveness through faith in Jesus.  

As I talk to more and more LDS members, my compassion for them continues to grow when I see how they struggle to live a 'perfect' life.  This is why it's so important for them to hear the TRUE gospel message, that Jesus as our substitute was perfect for us, so now God sees us as holy.  Please pray for our missionaries, and pray that the Holy Spirit will touch the hearts of the people we talk to!  

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