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Dealing with Culture Shock

Posted by djaspersen on Wednesday, May 28, 2014, In : Top 5 

The online Oxford Dictionary defines culture shock as disorientation experienced when suddenly subjected to an unfamiliar culture or way of life. It is common to experience culture shock when you are transplanted into a foreign setting. In fact, most international student programs, mission organizations, and multi-national corporations have handbooks describing stages, symptoms, and tips for addressing culture shock.

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Spiritual Reach Out

Posted by djaspersen on Wednesday, May 28, 2014, In : Top 5 

In order to reach out to people spiritually, you need to first consider a few factors.

  1. Consider the context: The Social-Ecological Model of public health can help guide our awareness of other factors impacting the health of an individual, family, or community, such as the social, economic, political, and environmental factors.

  2. Recognize basic human rights: People living in impoverished conditions are vulnerable to social and economic oppression even by well-meaning groups and organizations. Rec...

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