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KW Editor's Notes: Kingdom Workers' health ministry, the Lutheran Health Alliance is continuing to build and develop unique working relationships with medical professionals. If you would like to get involved, please contact Kingdom Workers at info@kingdomworkers.com
The following is a report from Dan Nommensen, the Program Operations Director of Christian Family Solutions. 

Carolina Acosta of WLCFS
Carolina Acosta

This last January, Dr. Jason Paltzer, director of the Kingdom Workers' Lutheran Health Alliance (LHA), visited Redeemer Lutheran Church in Edna, Texas.

Edna, Texas is a small town (population 5,499) located in rural south central Texas. Paltzer visited Redeemer to see how LHA could partner with the congregation and its community.

In two days, Paltzer, together with another consultant from LHA, interviewed nurses and newspaper editors, community leaders and English teachers. One of the opportunities Paltzer recognized in Edna was the need for professional mental health counseling, especially in Spanish. Redeemer has a thriving Spanish language outreach, yet there are no Spanish-speaking mental health professionals available in the community.

Paltzer connected the members of Redeemer with Christian counseling through WLCFS-Christian Family Solutions and their Member Assistance Program. WLCFS-Christian Family Solutions is a WELS non-profit organization based in Germantown, Wisconsin, which offers outpatient mental health services in Minnesota and Wisconsin as well as video-assisted counseling for members of participating organizations around the country. 

Kingdom Workers
is now partnering with WLCFS-Christian Family Solutions to provide access to counseling services via video to missions in places where good Christian counseling isn’t available. This rural congregation in Edna now has access to nearly 30 different WLCFS Christian counselors, including Carolina Acosta, who is bilingual and can assist the Spanish-speaking members. Carolina has provided counseling services through video with WLCFS-Christian Family Solutions since 2010. Prior to this, she provided counseling services in Florida and was a psychiatrist in Venezuela. Carolina stresses the importance of Christian counseling when she notes, “I do believe that people can change—especially with Christ at the center of the healing process.”

So far this year, five individuals from Edna, Texas have received support, help, and guidance from well-trained Christian counselors through WLCFS-Christian Family Solutions. The counselors work collaboratively with the pastor and help members learn to deal with challenges such as depression, addiction, or marriage problems. They have found forgiveness and strength from God and his Word.

Does your community lack solid Christian mental health care counseling? Do you have a need for counseling services in Spanish? Contact the Kingdom Workers or WLCFS-Christian Family Solutions today. 


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