Crown of Life in Florida

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By Megan Schoch & Kailynn Lovett

Every week, we have a different theme that ties into our Bible lesson and crafts for the week. We each take turns telling the Bible story throughout the week. It is amazing to see the faith that these kids have. No one who is enrolled into this summer program is a member of the church. They all have different backgrounds and churches of their own. It is awesome to be a part of this outreach experience through the church. We get to be a witness of our faith to these children. Many of them know the Bible stories already, but we tell them straight from God's Word, so many times they all learn a little more information from each story that they didn't know before.
It is the coolest thing to see a child's face light up when they know the answer. The lightbulb just goes off for them. The Holy Spirit is definitely at work here. Some weeks we have days where after we tell the lesson, the next day the kids tell the lesson back to us. We love seeing and hearing how much they remember. It is interesting to see how between the approximate 20 kids we have, they can all get every aspect of the story to retell.

Every week, we also cover a Bible passage for memory work. We look through the section that we are teaching from the week and try to find a verse that summarizes what we have been learning. They are not always the most commonly memorized Bible verses, but they are memorizing a little piece of the Bible that they can always recall from their hearts later in life. It will help them remember the promises God has made to us and followed through with by sending his Son to die on the cross for the sins of you and me.

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