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KW Editor’s Note: Diane Tracy is a member of a small Kingdom Workers team which recently spent two weeks in Malawi. Together with Kim Jefferies, Executive Director of the Brighton Center in San Antonio, TX and the KW Field Manager, they visited several shelters and disabilities support centers to observe and assess the needs of these centers. Both women are members of Our Saviors in San Antonio. We look forward to receiving their full report as KW continues to export this ministry.

View several photos from their trip [HERE]

I would like to share with you a special experience that I have had on my trip to Malawi. It was the day we visited the Tizdalerana shelter. We were able to walk around and see the rooms where all the people that are at the shelter live and all of the wonderful facilities that they have there. We met the residents, and then some of guests that came to visit. All of the people that were there started by singing some songs to us, which just makes your heart bubble for joy to God that they praise him in such a manner.

After the singing, Kim and I talked with the parents of some of these children to find out what experiences and challenges they have raising a special needs child. But none of that is what really sticks in my mind. It was the little boy that we met that day, Maxwell.

As Kim asked questions of the mothers and we listened for the translator to tell us what they had to say, my attention was drawn to Maxwell. He is a little boy of around 5 years old. He was sitting on the floor trying to get someone to play marbles with him. Deciding that Kim could handle the question and answer session, I went to play with Maxwell. He was trying so hard to shoot the marbles like I am sure he saw other kids do, but his fingers didn't quite work right. We put two marbles in between us, and any time he hit one of those marbles, he would cheer and pump his arms up and down.

What a simple thing to have such joy over. It warmed my heart to sit and play with Maxwell. Every time I see a little boy with Down Syndrome, I will remember Maxwell and the joy he got playing a simple game of marbles.

"Clap your hands, all you nations; shout to God with cries of joy." Psalm 47:1

God's Blessings


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