From Cross of Glory, Peoria, AZ

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Coming into this trip, I wasn't sure what our resources or responsibilities would be like. It's difficult to plan for a place to which you have never been. However, each day I see new ways in which God has blessed this church. It's hard to watch them struggle financially yet God has placed them in a location where they can reach so many children. Their VBS numbers were more than double the enrollment of their Lutheran grade school - proving that there is so much room for growth.

Yesterday we were given the opportunity to venture into Sedona to go exploring and hiking, giving us a glimpse into their culture. Much of it stems from that of the Indians and  though we didn't get the chance to see it in person, Montezuma's Castle (ruins built into the rocks) is a common attraction. We went hiking on Bell Rock and and were able to view God's beautiful creation from new heights, never failing to impress. It was absolutely stunning.

The climate is very different here. I wasn't sure what to expect when I heard the term "dry heat", but it's literally just that. The air is warm and very dry- the humidity is very low, so compared to Wisconsin heat it's much more bearable. 100 degrees here feels about the same as 80 degrees at home so we're loving it! The fruit trees here are so beautiful and we picked our first grapefruit on Sunday it it was so great! The fruit isn't technically in season right now but still tastes great to us.

Esther Harbach

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