Greetings from North Hollywood, CA!

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Sizzlin’ Summer Camp 2014 – Week 1

North Hollywood, CA

St. Paul’s Sizzlin’ Summer Program is Underway!

        When I first found out that I was going to get the chance to work at St. Paul’s First Lutheran Church and School in North Hollywood, CA I was excited and nervous at the same time. I had never been on a mission trip like this before and was ready to use the gifts that God had given me to serve God’s children at St. Paul’s. The big city scared me though. I had never been a part of a community this large outside of being a tourist for a couple of days. God certainly calls his workers to unexpected places. God knows the plans he has for all his people and especially me here this summer. Even though I do not know why God sent me here, he does, and will use me to spread his gospel message.

        I was happy to know that I would be accompanied this summer by two other friends of mine from Martin Luther College (one of which will be my roommate in the upcoming school year). Being able to share a new experience like this with friends is great. Our first arrival at the church was positive. The congregational members greeted us with enthusiasm and it did not take long to meet a vast array of new people. The staffs of the school were also very friendly and ready to aid us in anything we needed help with. Already I could tell the upcoming summer was going to be fun and full of new learning experiences!

The summer staff working all summer is comprised of a teacher of the week (a teacher from the school), Kristin, a former student of the school and member of St. Pauls, one other camp counselor, Jonah, and David and I (the kingdom workers). We have gotten to know each other well the past two weeks. It is a good and well-rounded group of hardworking Christians.

The first week of camp was great. There were wrinkles that needed to be worked out but it only took a couple days. The kids are awesome! We had one of the biggest turnouts in quite a few years which are always nice to see. There are a lot of responsibilities that come with watching a group of kids in the middle of North Hollywood. We must look out for those children both on the campus and on field trips. Daily schedules come with careful planning of who will be with each group of kids each activity they do. This is defiantly the beginning because I know that the deeper into summer we go the more fun we will have with the kids!

I am learning so much since I have been here. This experience has already filled my heart and soul with even more passion to become a teacher than what was already there. I cannot wait to continue my journey through this sizzlin’ summer program the next 6 weeks! I pray each day for God to bless our mission here in North Hollywood and thank God for all those who support our mission work here this summer. Daniel Busch

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