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Nikala is a seven year-old first grader at Grace in Grenada. What makes
her unique is she has Down Syndrome (DS). What makes her even more
unique is most kids with DS in Grenada reach first grade at age 15. How
is it then that Nikala is only seven and has developed to this point so
much faster than others? Nikala attends a Christian school with a teacher
uniquely qualified to meet her needs.
Thanks to everyone who has supported Kingdom Workers with financial gifts, an incredible program has started at Grace in Grenada. Those gifts allow Kingdom Workers Lutheran Health Alliance to fund and guide the Grace Child Development and Learning Center. 

Director Samantha Williams (or Miss Sam as she is
known by her students), has been Nikala’s teacher for two years and one
of the main reasons for her advancing development. “I do not place any
limitations on her growth and development. Just because she has DS,
it does not define Nikala and who she is. Each child is an individual and
when the boundaries are out of the way, we can put all things in front of
her to learn. I really like her as a little girl! She is Nikala, not someone
with a disability. She has the freedom to grow and blossom here. I do not
ever accept someone is unable! I only ask, how can I help them do it!?”
“I like Grace because I can play, I like homework and my teacher. I love Miss Sam and my friend Georgia. I love Grace ALL the numbers!!!” Nikala
“ALL the numbers” is a reference to infinity (no way to measure) which
Nikala learned from her mother. Nikala’s mother often says, “I love you ALL
the numbers!”

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