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By Thomas Nicholson & Joey Neuberger

It has been an amazing start to our time here at Zion in Toledo, OH. As we’ve settled in and fallen into a routine, we’ve had some wonderful opportunities to reach out to the people here in Toledo.

Zion church has several large events planned for the summer months. When we first arrived, we worked on familiarizing ourselves with the staff and the goals for this summer. The first events on our calendar were a neighborhood picnic, school open house and promotion of the youth center for students from eighth grade to seniors in high school.

We designed several flyers to go out canvassing the neighborhood. We also helped supervise the Youth Center on Mondays where we have some recreational time and a devotion with the attendees. For the neighborhood picnic we organized the congregation to canvass the neighborhood one Sunday after church. We did everything we could pre-event to promote the event to the locals as a springboard to evangelizing to them in the future. At the event we had free food, bounce houses and face painting for the kids, and we gave away free t-shirts at a game of corn hole. Joey and I had the opportunity to mingle with the people visiting the congregation for the food and fun and to speak to them about their walk with Jesus. The school was also open for tours as a way to boost enrollment and bring families to the church through their children.

On a day-to-day basis, we have also been calling parents of children in the Toledo Public School district to inform them about the EdChoice program the state of Ohio has in place and to encourage them to send their child to Zion. We spend a few hours on the phone most days with parents talking about the Christ-centered education offered at Zion and also about their quality of learning.

We also have the privilege of teaching Sunday school to the children of the congregation.This last week we have been preparing for the upcoming Vacation Bible School that Zion is hosting. We’ve had the opportunity to invite many souls to VBS either through phone calls or school visits. Joey has the wonderful opportunity of teaching the middle grades and Tom has the privilege of directing the music for all grades. We are greatly looking forward to sharing the gospel with many children who may not have heard it before, and that is a huge blessing for us. We also had the opportunity this past week to do some “Hot Dog Evangelism.” We took the extra hot dogs left from the Neighborhood Picnic, put up signs by the road, and gave away hot dogs in exchange for a Bible Verse. This allowed us the opportunity to draw people in and the Bible verse they used was a gateway for our gospel presentation.

We pray that the Lord continue to bless us as we do His work here at Zion, for He knows that the world desperately needs to hear His Word.

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