Longaví Project: Summer Edition

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KW Editors Note: Seth Hansen was part of the first wave of teachers sent to Chile in 2014. Kingdom Workers deeply appreciates the work that he and Arron Landgraff did to establish this strong program. Read the first installment of the Longaví Project [HERE] Greetings from Chile!

It’s summer here, and school is out. The Kingdom Workers Longaví Project successfully taught in rural Chilean schools for the entire school year of 2014, and impacted untold hundreds of lives over the course of the last few months.

But the last school bells and graduation ceremonies do not mean we are packing up the backpacks and pencils (although it did briefly give me the odd experience of being a 26 year old bachelor with something akin to empty nest syndrome). Summer School is in session!   University students and adults from Longaví who want to improve their English have been invited to participate in conversation classes led by me, Kingdom Worker’s own Seth Hansen.

This new program through the Longaví Municipality gives us a chance to keep our presence alive between school years and continue to build the relationships we made during the school year.  It also allows us to make new ones, with people who by and large have never even heard what Lutherans are. People usually think I’m from the Latter Day Saints or another denomination, and puzzled looks when they hear ‘’luterano’’ are the norm.  But that’s exactly why we’re here!  I’d say awareness is definitely up that we do indeed exist, which is a rather good starting point for growth.

I cannot express how encouraging it is to see some of my co-teachers from my schools of La Quinta and Los Cristales choosing to spend their summer mornings with me in an English classroom.  The loyalty and passion speaks volumes about the impact that God has allowed our program to have in Longaví in terms of relationship-building.  Most of the summer students take buses into town for my classes, anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour away!  Yes, I have students who come from the mountains every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday just for English instruction.

Also, in a giant shock to even me…teenagers will apparently roll out of bed on a summer morning to come to English class. Seriously.  It has brought me a lot of joy to have some of my  former 8th grade students, now graduated into full-fledged high schoolers, show up for English instruction and prepare for the tougher programs that lie ahead of them.

Repeated invitations to personal homes have left me floored by the generosity, and I know God is using these relationships to further the work of his kingdom this summer of 2015.

The picture above shows our very own Lydia Harbach, who came to Linares to help with the mission efforts and gallantly swung by to teach a class with me.  

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