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[KW Note: Nick and Kerry Laper are on temporary assignment as Kingdom Workers Field Managers in Malawi while Stefan and Kathy Felganhauer spend their furlough on the USA]

Traveling the Malawian highway from the airport to Blantyre, our instant impression is that things have not improved significantly since our departure 14 years ago. We pass clusters of under nourished children, sparsely dressed (if at all), and women doing their laundry in the river—deforestation is overwhelming.

We flew from Ukraine, in Eastern Europe, where we have administrated the organization Gift of Life since 2001. Prior to that we administrated the Lutheran Mobile Clinic in Lilongwe, Malawi for nearly seven years and in between have done consultancy work including a mission school in Grenada West Indies.

Currently, we are engaged in an entirely new kind of work, as interim Malawi Field Managers for Kingdom Workers, who enable Mission Volunteers from America and Europe to teach vacation Bible school and serve in disability ministry in remote Lutheran church locations.

It is morning, early morning...the next day - air fresh - smoky, sun streaking the horizon. Memories flood back – fond memories. Funny, we forget the traumatic times.  A friend, Richard, said, “Africa gets in your shoes and you can’t shake it out.” We are happy to be back!

On Sunday, we attend at church at Beautiful Saviour in Blantyre. Several people have DRIVEN to church (a change for us to see). The church building is large, well located, solid, a church which had not yet been constructed when we left Malawi in 2000. It is harvest Sunday, the equivalent of Thanksgiving in America.  Crops are in and winter is upon us here. On a really cold night the temps can even drop below 50° F - brrrrrr.

The sermon given by Mr. Martin Ntambo, was based on Deuteronomy 26:1-11 “…take some of the first fruits of all that you produce from the land the Lord your God has given you and put them in a basket…”  And so, after the sermon, a basket was placed near the alter and the congregation brought their offerings.  We sang “Now Thank We All Our God” and “Come You Thankful People Come.”

Please pray for our work, the work of our Malawian brothers and sisters, and the work of volunteers from the US as we serve together in the summer of 2014!


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