Mission Trip in Georgia

Posted by djaspersen on Thursday, June 25, 2015 Under: FIA Summer 2015
By Jordan Uhlhorn

I would like to share an amusing story from this past week. The story takes place out in the streets of suburban Sharpsburg. Zach and I were going door-to-door around noon, hanging information about Faith Lutheran to leave on the door or directly talking to people if they were outside at the time.

While I was making my way back to the car towards the end of our route a policeman pulled up slowly behind Zach's van and had his blue lights flaring. I calmly stepped into the passenger seat and we waited patiently wondering what would come of this. Apparently someone in the neighborhood expressed concern that two boys with out-of-state plates (Texas) were going from door to door. Suspicious? I guess I could see that. Threatening? I certainly hope we don't come off that way, but we'll just assume who ever called in was being cautious.

The cop asked us a few questions including inquiring as to why a couple of guys from Texas and Arizona had made their way out to Georgia, and we got to explain how we go to school up in Minnesota where we are training to become pastors (to which he responded: "Lord knows we need more of them!") and how we are on a mission trip handing out packets with an invitation to worship. He entered some information into the database and joked around with us a bit before sending us on our way.

We didn't say goodbye immediately - Zach asked if he had taken a packet (he had looked over one of them a few minutes ago) and if he had a home church. The cop replied saying that he hadn't found one yet and that he might come and check Faith Lutheran out. What a neat result! What started as a skeptical investigation turned into yet another person reached which would have never been possible without the anonymous, concerned resident. So I want to thank you deeply, person who called the cops on us.

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