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The past couple days have been such a great experience here in Phoenix, Arizona.  The children’s faith is growing each day and it is so amazing to watch.  The kids are experiencing hands on activities as they are led through the desert by Moses.  The tribes are chanting Bible passages with excitement and are enjoying hearing the good news about their Savior.  It is so neat to watch the children make new friends and become more vocal as the week goes on.  They are understanding the Bible concepts and the true meaning of God’s love.  We are so honored to be tribe leaders and to get to know the children.  They each have such great personalities and it is amazing to see the gifts and talents God has blessed them with.


Our afternoons have been filled with touring the beautiful sites of Arizona.  A member of Deer Valley took the time to walk through Old Town Scottsdale with us.  We enjoyed the countless souvenir shops.  Later in the afternoon, we climbed Deem Hills which was certainly not just a hill!  The view of the valley was gorgeous and truly a creation of God.  We also got the chance to travel with our host family to Cave Creek and walked around to experience the old west atmosphere where we enjoyed lunch and shopping.


We have been so busy sharing God’s Word with the children and exploring the Phoenix area.  We are so thankful for this opportunity and are looking forward to the next few days, even though the temperatures are only rising.       


Allison and Laura

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