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Vacation Bible School at Cross of Glory Lutheran Church in Peoria, AZ has been incredibly rewarding thus far. At a church of about 300 members (some of which leave during the summer and return during the non-summer months), hosting upwards of 150 area children for VBS has been no problem. The members of this congregation are passionate and always willing to serve. Even when the VBS coordinator had to fly to Wisconsin mid-week for the birth of his third child, the leaders banded together, determined what needed to be done, and handled it in stride.

I am the Games leader for the week. While setting up on Thursday, a mother who had brought her child to VBS stopped and talked to me. She thanked us all for our work and told us that everything we do makes a big difference. She went on to say that many years ago, her brother attended one of these summer Bible school weeks and became very excited about it. He brought the message home and through him, the entire family eventually became Christians. It just goes to show that even a little time investment can go a long way in spreading the good news of Jesus.

All in all, our experience has been extremely positive. All of the families are welcoming and grateful to have us serving for the week. I hope and pray that the message we bring and the hope that we share will strengthen the faiths of the children and inspire members of the congregation to continue their important work.

In Christ,

Joe Garbe

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