Our Dear Friend, Gerald Schulte

Posted by djaspersen on Thursday, October 16, 2014

Gerald Schulte and his wife Doris served for two years at the Mwembezhi mission station in Zambia from the summer of 1995 until summer 1997.  In Zambia he is famous for his masonry work and his interminable spirit, which among many things, led to the expansion of Zambia’s electric grid to the Mwembezhi campus. Their children Nathan and Sarah enjoyed the early years of their childhood at Mwembezhi.

Gerald helped build many churches in the USA as well with Kingdom Workers Builders For Christ, and returned to Zambia in 2011 to build a parsonage. He also served in Grenada in 2012, re-building a home for a family who had lost that home in a hurricane many years previous.

Those who worked with Gerald considered his masonry work as artistry, and his mission work as zealous for the Lord.

Lord’s Blessings,


Bill Meier

Executive Director
Kingdom Workers

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