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KW editor note: Nicole was a member of mission trip to Zambia. Through the Wisconsin Lutheran Chapel (Campus Ministry) at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, she and her teammates seek to bridge several gaps between the Christian students at a university in Lusaka, Zambia and themselves. The following is a beautiful anecdote which highlights one of the very small, but exceptionally important reasons to serve on a mission trip. Rare glimpses into God and His creation. 

One of the Pastors said to us on our first day, “I pray that you are here to experience a time when the power goes out at night.” 


I was baffled.  Confused.  No idea what in the world he was talking about.  I had been under the impression that having the power go out at night would not be a good thing—there were always critters and snakes, etc. that you needed to keep an eye out for, plus brushing my teeth without a source of light didn’t seem like a very effective method.  So, of course, I asked him, “Why?”


“Because I want you to be blessed to see the night sky.  The moon.  And look at these things without the distraction of a light on elsewhere.  I want to you to be blessed with the opportunity to see God’s creation.  To really and truly see it.”


So now every time I look at the moon, I think back to that conversation, and about the beauty of God’s creation that I experienced not only in Zambia, but everywhere I am.  And I also know, that even though I may never see these people again in this lifetime, they are looking at the same moon as I am.  And the coolest part is that we will be able to talk about it together when we meet each other again in heaven. 

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